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Inspired by the best

Animals with exceptional hearing led the way to a revolutionary new hearing aid. Bernafon Alpha is the first rechargeable hearing aid with Hybrid TechnologyTM. Similar to a hybrid car, it unifies two outstanding technologies to perform best in different listening enviroments.

With Bernafon Alpha…

Focus on improved speech understanding and listening comfort. Alpha grants best sound without compromise.

Focus on being more connected. Alpha streams sound from numerous audio devices.

Focus on everthing but your hearing aids. Alpha is rechargeable with power for a full day use.

Trial the latest Alpha hearing aids

Bernafon Alpha

Best sound without compromise

Bernafon Alpha hearing aids join two signal processing approaches into one hybrid hearing system. They simultaneously augment both speech understanding and listening comfort for best sound without compromise.

Because two are better than one, its Hybrid Technology™ can act independently or in tandem to strike the right balance in countless listening situations.

Trial the latest Alpha hearing aids

Bernafon Alpha hearing aids are easy to use and sit comfortably behind your ears. They fully charge in only 3 hours and provide power for a full day, including sound streaming. With the stable charger and no batteries to change, you can set your mind to other things.

Rechargeable miniRITE T R hearing aids

Bernafon’s most popular hearing aid style is discreet and sits comfortably behind your ear. It allows power for a full day of use including sound streaming and phone calls. The lithium-ion batteries charge quickly in the robust plug & play charger.